Purchasing a Firearm in Long Island

Purchasing your first firearm can be a difficult task. You probably have many questions about buying and owning a gun.  We can help you make it a little bit easier by showing you how to think ahead and get organized about everything. Since Dark Storm Industries is the leading provider of firearms in your area, we have seen a lot of first time firearm buyers make some critical mistakes. Below, we will provide the top 5 pistol buying pointers, so you can avoid any pitfalls when you purchase your first gun.

First and Foremost: What Are Your Firearm Needs?

This will be very helpful for us to know.  Why do you need a gun in the first place?  Are you looking to learn how to shoot?  Will you be doing so at a shooting range?  Or will your purchase be used for personal defense?  If so, will you want to have your firearm kept at your home?  Are you planning on carrying your gun around with you for general defense?  Answering these questions now will help us in understanding your needs.  It will help us determine which type of gun you will actually need. As a leading gun store new york, we have all the answers for you.

Now onto your pointers:

  1. Choosing the Correct Caliber
    This is a common error made by the first time gun buyer.  Again, the answer will come down to what you need you gun for.  For example, if you are interested in sport shooting, you may want something like a .22 long rifle or a new york safe ar15.  If home personal defense is your goal, a small handgun like a Glock 17/19. Always ask someone on our customer service team for suggestions about what the right option is for you.
  2. Pay the Right Price
    If you know what your basic requirements are, then you can find some great bargains on firearms. Be careful though. Salesmen will often try to take advantage of a novice shooter.  Keep the basics in mind and just buy what you need rather than what the salesperson tries to talk you into.  Also be mindful of paying for name brand weapons. Since you are a new gun user, you may not need one of those for your chosen activity. There are plenty of off-brands that will work just fine for you. It is important, however, to make an informed decision.  Don’t be afraid to ask us questions.
  3. If You Are Untrained, Don’t Shoot!
    If you want to be a shooter, it is incredibly important that you receive proper training. Many people make a lot of mistakes when owning a gun for the first time. Go to a shooting range and take necessary training. Follow all the storage instructions as well. While it is our right to own a firearm, we have a major responsibility here. It is vital that we be responsible to ourselves and other citizens by handling our firearms properly. We want to prevent accidents, not create them.  So with training, we can come to understand the safe way to handle and store our firearms.
  4.  Appropriate Ammo
    When purchasing a firearm, not only do you need to know how to handle and store it, but what kind of ammunition it takes as well.  When purchasing an industrial tank, industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks is necessary. When you buy your new gun, ask about appropriate ammunition. It truly depends, again, on what you are using the gun for. What is most important of all is to make sure you aren’t loading the wrong ammunition into the weapon. You should match the age and condition of the gun to the proper loads to avoid over-pressure issues.
  5.  Maintain Your Firearm Correctly
    Many accidents can happen if you do not maintain your gun properly. Modern firearms are designed to function well, and with the right amount of maintenance you can keep it that way. You don’t have to over clean your gun, but it is important to clean it regularly. Every time you shoot a few hundred rounds through a gun, you should detail and clean the internals that you can reach. The barrel and chamber should be cleaned after each time you shoot.  Be sure to remove all powder residue from the basic components.Buying a gun for the first time will be easy for you if you are smart about it. As the leading retailer of firearms in this area, long island firearms is happy to assist you in the process. Call us anytime with your questions, or come check out our diverse showroom.